The Westwood Gender/Sexuality Alliance (GSA) is this campus’ safe space for any and all people, regardless of gender or sexual identity. We are here to educate students on LGBT+ identities and issues, to promote an overall better understanding and healthier interactions within the student body. We are always striving to be more inclusive and accessible, and hope you will take full advantage of our resources, as well as help to contribute your own time and presence to our club. We hope we can help you as much as possible. Enjoy!


Every Thursday afternoon, 4:30-5:30, in Mr. Garza’s art room, C1301


President: Grace- Grace is a junior who really likes animals, all things happy, and their collection of dumb t-shirts. They’re super into goofy internet content and a weird collection of hobbies, and they’re always down to chat!

Vice President: Isabella- Isabella is an actual ray of sunshine

Student Council Representative: Maya- Maya is a sophomore who aspires to greatness (and gayness) in everything they do. They have a love and affinity for music and Judaism, and hope to someday be a cardiovascular surgeon.